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Organic Aquavit containing Fresh Dill, Organic Blue Agave Syrup, Fresh Lime, Pepper, Lakrids, White Chocolate, Apple Cider and a few other good things


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A little bit of a backstory: "COPENHAGEN FENCING CLUB"

Formed in 1896 as a coveted fencing and ‘louche’ bohemian drinking den. It was mainly for the Copenhagen upper class. It quickly got a reputation, not for the fencing skills but for their drinking skills. But what only very few knew was that they had a secret distillery in the club, which made the most distinguished Aquavit.

Ivan Bazin was born in Russian but had travelled the world as a sailor since the day he could walk. Ivan was a globetrotter, a first mover of his time and foremost a gentleman.
He was not upper class but everything else and then some, so he became a member of the club based on his unique character, his class and his respect for life itself. Ivan became one of the driving forces in Copenhagen Fencing Club.
He was the one that suggested that they should distil an Aquavit with the finest blue Agave syrup from Mexico combined with fresh dill from the Nordic nature. 
It instantly became a classic not only in the club so therefore they chose to call their Aquavit "Touché”.
Over the years the fencing club changed from being place only for people in the upper class to a place for likeminded gentlemen with a passion and respect for life.
It was the place to rest and restore your self, retract from the everyday hassle and enjoy the company of good people. Home to fencing, drinking and Russian saunas, and the club was essentially a master class in the art of living on the edge.
Unfortunately the club was closed down in 1920 no one knows why. But what we know is that Ivan Bazin’s recipe was found on an addict with his fleuret by relatives when he passed away seven years later.

So drink and salute the fencing Clubs cocktail bar with this special Aquavit containing dill, Agave syrup, pepper, apple cider, liquorice and chocolate  – what’s not to love?


Touché aquavit / Plateau Spirits

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