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The most adorable teapot! Black glaze with dripping blue/grayish glaze on the outside. Featuring both a rough fin and a small, black skull on the lid.


Size: 16cm in height and 18cm in width


Fun and cool ceramics handmade by Transylvania born, but Copenhagen based Laura Ioana. Each of her items are a unique piece of art. Each piece is signed by her.


Handmade ceramics with a sculptural twist. Laura Ioana V does like colour, but also loves a lot of dark motifs, so snakes, skulls, bats, black shiny objects are something present a lot in her pieces (must be her Transylvanian origin). They're all hand sculpted, handmade in a little studio in Nørrebro.

Teapot With Skull Lid / Laura Ioana V

€ 80,00Price
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