This peat smoked raw alcohol tastes fantastically clean – comparable to mezcal or some kind of grappa – but sweeter, much smokier and more round in taste. It's filled with flavor...


The colour is clear and the raw alcohol has flavour notes of tobacco, plastic, sweet/wet smoke, barley and sugar, and it smells of delicate smoke, pepper, hay, grappa, oil, sulfur, shoe polish and raisins. A mix made in heaven!


It's a great choice for high-end cocktails. Try it instead of vodka, mezcal or other aged whiskies.


Alc. 43% / 50 cl.


Founded in 2005 by nine Danish whisky enthusiasts, Stauning Whisky is Denmark's oldest whisky distillery. The whisky distillery is located in Stauning near Skjern in Western Jutland and everything is made from local products and stored for a minimum of three years in oak barrels.

Stauning Curious Whisky / Stauning Whiskey Distillery

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