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Please welcome this malty rye whisky with mezcal finish.


Stauning Bastard is the second edition in Stauning's experimental Research Series, which they call their playground. A place where they allow themselves to try out new ideas, experiment and think outside the box. Stauning Bastard is a meeting between Denmark and Mexico – a successful experiment!


So, what is Bastard? The base – the raw alcohol – consists of their rye new make (70% malted rye, 30% malted barley). First, the raw alcohol has matured in hard-charred virgin oak casks for 3 years. After that, the whisky has moved into 5 delicious mezcal barrels from Oro de Oaxaca – and 6 months later you stand with Stauning Bastard. A Rye Whisky like you've never tried it before.


Each edition of the Research Series is decorated by the tattoo artist, Thit Hansgaard


Alc. 46.3%/70 cl.


Founded in 2005 by nine Danish whisky enthusiasts, Stauning Whisky is Denmark's oldest whisky distillery. The whisky distillery is located in Stauning near Skjern in Western Jutland and everything is made from local products and stored for a minimum of three years in oak barrels.

Stauning Bastard Whiskey / Stauning Whiskey Distilllery

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