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John Kenn Mortensen wrote and illustrated this very black book. But it's in Danish…. Sorry for all you non-Danish-speakers!!


It's about 17-year-old Sally, who lives with her grandmother on Lolland. Her parents are busy with their own affairs, and Grandma isn't very thrilled to have Sally staying. Sally is in high school, but she's not popular with the local kids, to say the least. She's both fat and ugly and flabby – and she's unreasonably lonely.


At the same time, a serial killer is rampaging in the area. He is on a wild run from the police and ostracized by all. Suddenly, he's standing in Sally's basement, wounded and as lonely as Sally, but at the same time deadly dangerous...


John Kenn Mortensen is known for his drawings, where fear and horror and various horror traditions are honored in macabre ways.

Sorte Sally / book by John Kenn Mortensen

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