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Graveyard Wanders offers soul-stirring candles & homeware inspired by the beauty of life and the sorrows of death. Krystina, the artist & founder, is an avid collector of vintage Halloween candles from the 60s & became fascinated with the lost craft.


Exclusively designed in Montréal, molded & hand-poured in small batches to offer the best quality. She creates unique products like no other, ranging from sculptural candles to body fragrances to make you feel as dead as you are alive.


A candle’s flame soothes our soul while its fragrance illuminates our senses.


Only salespoint of Graveyard Wonders in Europe


Sacred Heart Candle 


The Blood, Sweat & Tears you put into all that you do, is a testament to who you are. This candle is dedicated to honoring your emotions. We all breathe and bleed the same.


An original Graveyard Wanders design.


Handmade with

Soy wax

Cotton Braided Wick

Phthalate-Free Fragrance

Candle Dye

Our handmade molds


Scent profile


Fruit of the Gloom fragrance. It holds a bittersweet fragrance of Succulent Black Cherries, Almond, Orange & rich Sandalwood.




7cm in W x 10cm in H

Sacred Heart Candle / Graveyard Wanders

€ 40,00Price
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