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Crafted with intention, The Rebar Necklace’s textured surface narrates tales of resilience and the passage of time. The juxtaposition of corroded textures against polished rebar accents creates the core design theory of this unique piece. Made from recycled sterling silver, it blends Copenhagen street style with a hint of Irish austerity.


This handcrafted architecturally inspired jewelry embodies an austere elegance, celebrating the beauty of hard worn imperfections. The Rebar brings industrial aesthetics, giving corroded concrete statement pieces a sense of rugged sophistication from the urban landscape.


The brutalist-inspired jewelry series, The Rebar Collection, explores impermanence through the lens of architectural decay.  The sculptural textures resemble concrete, with chunky A-symmetrical shapes giving this architectural jewelry it’s raw aesthetic and industrial feel.  The silver bar in the design mimics rebar, which is normally unseen in the finished building, but integral to its structure, showing its strength of character. True grit at its finest.


Pendant: 1½ x 1½

Oxi length: 44cm


Oxidized Silver Rebar Chip Necklace / NVLL+VOID

€ 122,00Price
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