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OMNES UNA MANET NOX can be translated with "the same night waiting for us all". It is really part of a longer quote describing how death only comes closer. The artists behind this dark art  - ENDHUMANITY - has chosen the majestic heron to visualise the qoute because it hunts fish by standing still and waiting for the prey to come close before it strikes. It does not hunt down the prey, but surprises an unsuspecting fish. 


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The artwork is filled with meanings and interpretations, and draw the nature, religion and witch effects into a symbolic and occult expression.


Giclée print on 265g Cotton smooth paper.

Limeted to 30, signed and numbered and will never be re-printet.


Size 300 x 600mm

Omnes Una Manet Nox / EndHumanity

€ 135,00Price
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