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When translated, the dark art piece LUMEN NATURAE means "nature's inner light". And in Christian terminology, that means "light" that doesn't come from God, but from nature itself. The artist ENDHUMANITY explains that, where God stands for the orderly beauty, nature has a kind of chaotic beauty. In the occult and witchy world the moon is often used as a symbol of this, as the first two letters of lumen and naturae together give Luna. In addition, there are references to the classic baphomet image where the hands point to a black and a white moon - kind of the "as above so below".


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Giclée print on 265g Cotton smooth paper.

Limeted to 30, signed and numbered and will never be re-printet.


Size 300 x 600mm

Lumen Naturae / EndHumanity

€ 135,00Price
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