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In Denmark we’re obsessed with ”kravlenisser” (”crawling gnomes” or “shelf elves”) and we made Julie Lintrup and Evelyn Deetz from Mourning Palace Tattoo design each 2 sheets of spooky little creatures for you to cut out and place/hang/whatever allover your Halloween or Creepmas decorations.


Have you ever heard about 'kravlenisser' ?


The word means something like 'climbing gnomes' - but I personally think 'shelf elves' would be more appropriate! They are, in fact, a Danish invention, much as the woven christmas heart is said to be.
They are 100% naughty, mischievous cardboard elves, up to no good, crawling about on your shelves.

They do so, by the simplest design: simply by a couple of bent flaps, you stick under the books or whatever is on the shelf. They are a kind of nostalgic, granny style Christmas decoration I like, both because it is what I grew up with, and remember from every christmas of my childhood, but also because they are meant to be a little tacky and misbehaved.

They are said to date from the 1940ies, and as far as I understand, the inventor of kravlenisser was the guy who also gave them their Danish name: illustrator and cartoonist Frederik Bramming. His designs are classics today.


A Danish website covers the topic in nerdy detail with lots of fun stories and images - the guy who is behind it, really knows his 'nisser' - here it is: Kravlenissernes Side


If you buy 4 sheets you get the 4th for free - just pick 3 and we will add the last one to your order.


Size: A4

KRAVLENISSER ("shelf elves") / Julie Lintrup + Evelyn Deetz

€ 7,00Price
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