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“Blackbird singing in the dead of night…”. A wonderful necklace with the most beautiful hand molded dark bronze blackbird claw pendant. Wear it and up your look!

The chain, ring and lock are made of gilded copper.


Pendant: L: 4cm - W: 2½cm

Chain – 44cm


Solid bronze castings of animal skulls and bones by MelesMeles


Inspired by nature, and through the old ways of casting metals, Melesmeles create everlasting jewelry out of otherwise decaying materials. Often the skulls and bones of animals are found in the forest, but seashells, crystals, walnuts and alike make fine jewelry as well.

Every piece is unique, colors vary as well as shape and size, as every piece is cast individually with a new sand-mold for every one of them.

Melesmeles was taught by the artist Henrik Fischer and have been working this field for 10 years, before starting up her own little workshop closer to her home. She mainly cast in bronze, but silver pieces can be done by request.

Hand molded dark bronze BLACKBIRD CLAW NECKLACE / Melesmeles

€ 135,00Price
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