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Handcrafted with care, the Barbed Hoops are a striking blend of rugged charm and refined grit. These earrings are meticulously made from .925 silver, ensuring both quality and durability - and then added a nich goldplating.


  • Design: The 1mm Ø creole hoops are delicately shaped, providing a comfortable fit for everyday wear.
  • Barbed Wire Detailing: Each hoop features intricate barbed wire detailing, adding a twist to the classic hoop design.
  • Goldplating: To elevate their allure, the hoops are adorned with a layer of 24 karat goldplating over recycled sterling silver. This luxurious touch catches the light and adds a warm, golden glow.

Price for 1 hoop!

Goldplated Silver Barbed Hoops / NVLL+VOID

€ 42,00Price
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