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Fantasy novel written by C. A. Wolters in Danish (read Danish decription below).


Pages: 516



Since she was an infant, Shiroin has been haunted by a voice that demands to be heard. She calls it "the worm" because she can feel it winding around her body.

She wants her father, the Grand Emperor, dead so that she can claim her place on the throne of the empire, but first she must convince the ten kings that her gender does not make her weak. However, when the worm tells her to rip out the emperor's throat, she must put in place an alternative plan to reach her throne.

Meanwhile, the prophesied doomsday war is smoldering, and Necromantic demons lurk in the Wasteland. Shiroin and her Elsalvian bodyguard, Kiel, must cross the kingdoms to get to the front, and together they move into the darkest shadows of both the mountain forests.

The One Who Whispers is a bloody and gloomy romance, filled with secrets, nightmares and biting kisses.

The One Who Whispe