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We are introducing Studio Megaton´s newest masterpiece: the Cyanea Capillata in a LÖVENDAHL edition. Isn’t it effing amazing!!??!


It’s a black heavy metal rendition of the Cyanea Capillata, or Lion's Mane Jellyfish, meticulously embedded in crystal-clear resin. This fusion of nature's raw beauty with a bold, metallic edge is the perfect statement piece for aficionados of heavy metal aesthetics. The intense contrast between the dark, metal-inspired design of the jellyfish and the transparent resin evokes a sense of power and mystique. A tribute to the vastness and mystery of the ocean, paired with the rebellious spirit of heavy metal, this unique creation promises to be a conversation starter and a cherished collectible for those with a passion for the unconventional. Dive into a world where the wild energy of the sea meets the raw power of metal with our black heavy metal Cyanea Capillata resin model.


The model of the jellyfish is modeled digitally. It consists of an outer body with a molded interior, which is painted black. Then there are molded mouthparts (the dishcloths that hang between the hairs:) Finally, hair from a black wig is styled and mounted on the inside of the body. The whole thing is mounted on a thin acrylic rod and then embedded in an acrylic tube, which is filled with glass-clear epoxy.


If you want the origian red jellyfish – do find it here:

Black modelled Jellyfish / Rock Fossils + Studio Megaton

€ 3.315,00Price
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