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The follow up on the Belzebubs are here!!


The road to hell is paved with good intentions!


The highway to black metal stardom is finally open, but Belzebubs lead singer Sløth is stuck during rush hour! Can Sløth find time for both band and family, or should he sacrifice one or the other – or himself – on the altar of housework?


Jp ahonen continues to document the everyday life of your favorite occult family with infernal warmth that is hard to resist.


JP Ahonen (Perkeros) combines recognizable everyday humor with occultism and lovercraftian horror in a class of its own, making Belzebubs a devilishly good comic.


It’s in DANISH and written and illustrated by the Finnish JP Ahonen.

Belzebubs vol. 2 – Ingen hvile for de ugudelige / JP Ahonen

€ 35,00Price
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