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Lola Ramona was created 2006 in Copenhagen to bring shoes that were packed with attitude and life, shoes that said something about you as a person and let you make an expression about your personality. Not only this, they were created with women’s feet as the central focus. What good are beautiful shoes that destroy your feet? Your shoes should be there to help protect and pamper your feet. So, Lola Ramona sought to create beautifully designed shoes that could be worn from dawn until dusk and back again.

With the BLACK COLLECTION Lola Ramona and Lövendahl teamed up to create a fierce selection of black shoes and boots that truly let your inner darkness shine! With this collection anything goes - as long as it's black.

Lola Ramona

THE BLACK COLLECTION - Lola Ramona by Lövendahl


You can read below more thoughts of Gitte Sanquist, the founder of Lola Ramona. Why have they put away their playful and colorful selves for at moment and instead let their inner darkness shine?

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Lola Ramona was started 14 years ago right here in Copenhagen with the simple vision of creating shoes for women like me. I had noticed a gap in the market for shoes with attitude. Shoes that really helped you express yourself in the way you wanted to.


Fundamentally , however, it was vital that these shoes were as much about their wearability as their aesthetic. We wanted to create shoes that you could wear from dawn until dusk, never having to change and never leaving your feet sore and tired. 



So Lola Ramona as a brand name was created purely by chance. I wanted to make sure no matter what country you are in if you hear the name you think of a feminine product. The name Lola is a girls name the world over so has an international appeal. Ramona, is the rock chick in me, it’s beautiful and badass all wrapped into one. 

Lola Ramona is a brand that we think can cater to almost everyone. If you love making a statement we have the shoes for you. On the other hand, if you just want some comfy everyday sneaks we are also the guys for you. What is vital to us is that YOU connect with the designs, we want to make sure that every design speaks to the person who buys it, that it helps them feel their best self.


We want to empower through fashion. If you feel a million dollars then who is to say you’re not worth it! 


Comfort, quality materials, design and connection to the customer. These are all vital for the design, we don’t want to design shoes that don’t excite people. We are here to create artwork for people to wear and enjoy. We don’t want to create designs that may look good but are not comfortable. As we say, comfort and quality are key! We always keep these factors in mind during the design process.

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The Black Collection comes from my love for all things Rock and Roll, my husband is in a Swedish heavy metal band and we are part of the furniture at Copenhell every week. So I’ve always wanted to create something that speaks to that subculture. What made even more sense was working with Lövendahl who are experts in the art of black and also another great Copenhagen based brands. Where we can we love to work with other local brands to create exciting new collaborations that can be great for both brands.


Needless to say we are thrilled with the response to the Black collection and look forward to selling more and more of these shoes, in whatever colour people want… as long as its black!

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