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You hate to see it: Ol’ Saint Nick’s decadent habit of binging on crunchy cookies has finally caught up to him. 24 original, jet-black misfortune cookies by Pechkeks proved to be more than the old man bargained for. He’s now lying deep in a coHOHOma – and during advent no less! Is there anyone who wouldn’t feel bad for Saint Nicked Up? Well, you wouldn’t! You may hate to say it, but you’re just fine with fate taking the tubby toy lugger out of commission.


First, you’ve had it up to here with all the fake kitschy goodness and endless Christmas carols and second, you REALLY want all the damn cookies. You’re in luck, my friend! Free Saint Nick every day from the mischievous curses, cutting insults and bleak tidings of the future that have taken their toll. Inside each ail and woe is a bleakly packaged, decadently delicious dark misfortune cookie by Pechkeks waiting for you. If you get anything at all, that is! With an extra special dark surprise lurking for you on the 24th!


Ho-Ho-HoRribLe hOllydAYS include five interts. OVER 120cm tall!

You're Sacked Adventscalendar

€ 34,00 Regular Price
€ 17,00Sale Price
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