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Mango with passion fruit - 140g

This Danish made gourmet winegum is free of lactose and gluten as well as 100% vegan.


Wine gum with mango flavor sprinkled with passion fruit powder.


An exotic taste of the best of the East


The passion fruit has - with its characteristic taste and fragrance - found its way to the hearts of many. The acidity and sweetness of the passion fruit goes well with the wonderful sweetness of the mango.


The combination of two so strong exotic fruits such as mango and passion fruit releases an explosion of palatability with strength from both fruits' intensity. We use freeze-dried, fresh-harvested passion fruit in powder form. This makes the taste and smell intensify and creates a fantastic taste and fragrance experience.


Ingredients: Glucose-fructose syrup (corn), sugar, water, corn starch, acidity regulator (malic acid, sodium citrates), natural aroma, icing sugar, color (anthocyanins and carthamus), coconut oil, passion fruit powder, acid (citric acid), coating agent (carnauba wax).


Nutritional content per. 100g

Energy - 1418kJ / 334kcal

Fat - 0.2g -

Hence saturated fat - 0.2g

Carbohydrate - 83g -

Hence sugar - 43g

Protein - 0g

Salt - 0.08g



WALLY and WHIZ vegan winegums /mango with passion fruit

€ 8,00Price