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Den Klodsede Bjørn (The Clumsy Bear) makes this white vermouth in collaboration Heiko Hoos in southern German on wine from his cousin's vineyard in Phalz on the Gewürztraminer grape. It tastes refreshingly delicate and sweet with an endearingly perfumed nose. Seasoned with citrus, lemon verbena, juniper, coriander seeds and cardamom. Microscopic production. It's all fresh! It tastes almost like soda ice cream with alcohol and herbs – that is, adult soda water ice cream.


It is made in Germany, but the style can best be called Italian because it is acidic, sweet and well-seasoned. It smells like the good wine on which it is made, but gets a grape-like scent because of the added citrus fruits. It is reminiscent of a mixture of Mexican and Moroccan cuisine with citrus and dry herbs.


It can almost be mixed with all types of alcohol to make Manhattan, martinez, martini-esque cocktails: gin, pisco, tequila, vodka, mezcal, etc.




Drink it in cocktails or simply with ice cubes and a slice of orange. Or as a simple highball with tonic or grapesoda.


75 cl / 17,5 % alc

Vermouth Moderne / Den Klodsede Bjørn

€ 27,00Price
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