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Note: written in Danish.


This comic book anthology - BLACK NADVER - drawn and narrated by NMAAR, consists of four dark stories about nuns of different eras. The stories are either perverse, vulgar, unpleasant or disturbing, but most importantly, they are incredibly beautifully drawn.


Black Supper

4 nuns are corrupted by a skin-loving demon and dragged into a downward spiral of perverse sex and satanic rituals. They sacrifice everyone they can get their hands on, to please their demonic alphas. But when you make covenants with demons, you must be careful, because things can go horribly wrong.


Victoria Rex – Part 1 (of 4).

In the distant future, the galaxy is ruled by a matriarchal Catholic Empire. It follows Victoria, a young aspirant of the imperial fighting nuns, in her training and arguing of her physical form up until she can enter the ranks of the Legia Divinatus and defeat the wretched patriarchal barbarians.



An African nun was employed at the Hötel Dieu in Paris in the 1920s. She is often subjected to the abuse of her white overlords and masters, and eventually she gets enough.


I spit on your grave.

After a group of soldiers carry out a brutal assault on her convent, a single surviving nun, mortally wounded, climbs the monastery tower to hold God accountable for the incident.

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