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SMÅ ONDE SVIN (Little Evil Pigs) is a spooky fantasy youth novel written and illustrated by the master of monsters John Kenn Mortensen. And it’s in Danish!


LITTLE EVIL PIGS is an exciting and creepy fantasy novel about 13-year-old Sebastian. His mother is hospitalized with nervous breakdown and Sebastian must move to Lolland with his uncle Gunnar on his ruin of a manor house. The nights on the farm are lonely and full of sounds, of figures and sleepwalking. Sebastian sees a man with an axe, a giant pig with three legs and a small red door. And the old elevator keeps starting by itself. Is he dreaming or is he awake? Has he gone mad like his mother? And is there anything that will kill him?


"The king of thrills, Donn Kenn, is also the king of sibling love and camaraderie. “Little evil pigs” take place on Lolland and are mega-monster social realism."

- Kamilla Löfström, Information

Små Onde Svin / book by John Kenn Mortensen

€ 24,00Price
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