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Note: written in Danish 


The Satan cult at Anholt is one of the most interesting features of Danish cultural history, written and executed by Knud Langkow. From the reception in the State Museum of Art, Langkow sent both secret letters and satan coins out into the Danish country, to create the illusion of an active satan cult on Anholt.


"The Satan Cult on Anholt" is a tribute anthology to Knud's life's work, made with the greatest curiosity about what such a cult would do if it existed in our reality.


The contributors are:

Sortsind, Kim Bjørnholt, Steven Plato, Martin Schjönning, Kim Wili Nielsen, Anders Fjølvar, Árni Beck Gunnarsson, Peter Keller Hansen, Bjarke friis kristensen, Jakob Rohde-Kappel, Mai Ulrikka Sydendal, Henrik Houmann Steensen, Peter F. Holm, Kristoffer Bavngaard Thrane, Søren Bang Nørgaard & Matias Gedtek

Satankulten på Anholt / Afkom

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