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The Sacrificial Tree consists of forty-four folk Gothic horror stories, all of which are based on the common people of Northern Sweden and their folklore. The stories take place high up in the mountains, deep in the fir forests and in isolated village communities, where you can meet vengeful witches, malevolent spirits, and murderous peasants. The stories are written in DANISH!

Per Faxneld is a researcher in the history of religion and a specialist in occultism and feminist Satanism. The Sacrificial Tree is his fiction debut.

The Sacrificial Tree is published in a diabolical wrapper. Inspiration for format, font and paper is taken from old, occult curse and worship books found in the basement of the Royal Library.

The book is fully illustrated with 44 illustrations and printed on 100% recyclable paper.

Offertræet / Per Faxneld

€ 28,00Price
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