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"Something terrible is always about to happen" is a deadly serious tale full of black humor.
It is the story of a young man who moves away from home to start his dream education, full of expectations for the future and not least love.

But neither life, education nor relationships with the girls will turn out as expected, because it is difficult to find love in a world characterized by fierce competition and constant demands to perform.
As the narrator's feelings of loneliness and alienation grow, death begins to whisper in his ear. Slowly, he sinks into an anxiety-filled depression that seems to be only one way out of...
"Something terrible is always about to happen" is a deeply personal story in drawn form. About friendship, sex and young men full of explosive anger.

The stories are written in DANISH!

Lars Kramhøft (born 1984) is a Danish author and illustrator. Debuted with "V for vegetarian" in the anthology Document (2013). This was followed by a series of children's books and comics such as "Depraved" (2013), "Fandenivoldsk", "Portal" (both 2018), "Diary from the Abyss" (2019) and "X from outer space" (2020). He has been nominated for the Ping Prize and in 2019 was awarded the Claus Deleuran Award as Danish comic book writer of the year.

Noget frygteligt er altid lige ved at ske / Lars Kramhøft

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