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A very scary and beautiful book illustrated by John Kenn Mortensen with a short story written by Peter Adolphsen (in Danish only…. but then maybe it is time for  you to learn som Danish!)


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Night Horror describes when your nightmare is so vivid that you can no longer distinguish dream from reality.


John Kenn Mortensen has collected his most extreme monster drawings; drawings about the nightmare, its being and creatures. Together with the Danish author Peter Adolphsen, he has composed a night symphony in which the poor reader can dwell terrified in the merciless glow of spookiness.


John Kenn Mortensen is an internationally recognized monster creator and illustrator and as a big Danish newspaper put it: "mega-creepy social realism."


In 1996, Peter Adolphsen had his breakthrough with Small Stories; philosophical and mysterious short prose that pair the mundane with the mysterious and now you can also read a brand new of the kind in Night Horror. 


112 pages in color, hardcover

17 x 24 cm


Natteræd (Night Horror) / John Kenn Mortensen

€ 35,00Price
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