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Awaited in stock early April


Morgue Noire, The Forensic Monochromes of Adam Medford.

This new volume explores further the boundaries of extreme art in a playful yet sombre and almost sacred experience. Monochromatic or black and white art is something we value and celebrate with our releases. Morgue Noire is an orgiastic collage of bodies, ruins and emotions ready to assault your senses.

Experimental Ovulation Displacements Organs

Sexual Sensibility Dyspareunia

Filiform Process of Copulation

Secretions of the Genital Organs

Menarche Skin Pathologic Suffering Disease

Conjugation Cervix Haematopoiesis

Sado Blood Clots Euphoria

Trans Penis Grinding Carunculæ

Myrtiformes Prostatic calculi

Narcotic Festering Gangrene


Square 210mm x210mm (8.27inch x 8.27inch)


175gm uncoated paper

Limited to 250 units

160 pages

All signed by Adam Medford

All seal stamped

Morgue Noire, The Forensic Monochromes of Adam Medford / Heavy Music Artwork

€ 55,00Price
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