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MÅNE, URTER & HVERDAGSMAGI // MOON HERB MAGIC, is an analogue weekly calendar with room for own notes and reflections. It follows the annual cycle, nature, and the stars.


It is filled with beautiful illustrations, recipes for herbal ointments, tinctures, teas, information about the moon and stars, sowing/harvest/sinking calendar, knowledge about the Nordic festivals and traditions, D.I.Y with nature and much more.


Each listing consists of a weekly view with room for notes and a photo page The photo pages consist of moon phases, cycle tracker, recipes on how to use your local nature and make ointments, tinctures, scrubs and herbal tea yourself.


The calendar follows the changing seasons with suggestions for rituals and ceremonies, information about the moon phases we go through and a sowing/harvesting calendar. This year we have a special focus on self-care and mental and physical well-being. There are additional double-note pages associated each month.


We have made the calendar for 4 years in Danish and are now in our 5th year and have also made an English language version. Our target group is especially women, with a desire for healthy, natural life.


Size: 15x18 cm

136 pages

The calendar is composed of a bronze spiral in the back.

The cover is of extra strong quality with flaps that can withstand a year in the bag. ‘


All our printed matter is produced sustainably and locally, see more at PRINT WITH CARE®


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Let's make 2023 magical!! We need it!

MÅNE, URTER & HVERDAGSMAGI // MOON HERB MAGIC 2023 calendar Danish/English

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