The Danish tattoo artist Julie Lintrup made this fierce art print exclusively for our shop. The titel is “Into damnation all shall fall” and the print is all hand made, signed and numbered. And it's even limited to only 30! 


Julie produces her art by hand according to the traditional virtues of tattoo art. It takes place on thick, coffee-washed paper, with a fountain pen, brush, saliva and black ink.
The printing she handles herself, and all prints are signed and numbered (limited to 30), they are printed on 200grams of matte paper, which separately is coffee washed, and eventually becomes impregnated to avoid bleaching.

Daily, Julie is a tattoo artist in Copenhagen's inner city, where her paintings usually form the setting for customers' tattoos. The style is inspired by traditional tattoo, blackmetal and folklore, over which there rests a both merry and gloomy mood of romantic devilry and gothic lust...


Size: 297mm x 420mm

Into Damnation All Shall Fall / Julie Lintrup

€ 175,00Price