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A contemporary story about a young writer's pursuit of success, love and an affordable apartment in Copenhagen...
Collects all the material from the four issues of Working Poor
, several brand new pages, postscript and the author's own extensive footnotes.
About Working Poor:
"Lars Kramhøft's Working Poor confirms to me that I am not alone in failing at parties!"
Zissel Astrid Kjertum-Mohr (Zissel & the Elite, ArtyFarty)
"Lars Kramhøft promotes economic inequality as a common enemy. He shows us where we go wrong with each other."

Glenn Bech (The Fathership and I No Longer Recognize Your Authority)


The stories are written in DANISH!


Lars Kramhøft (born 1984) is a Danish author and illustrator. Debuted with V for vegetarian in the anthology Document (2013). In 2019, he was awarded the Claus Deleuran Award as Danish comic book writer of the year, and in 2020 won the Ping Award for best Danish comic for Something terrible  is always about to happen that is about to be filmed.

Husvild / Lars Kramhøft

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