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Horned, The Metalhead book of Goats is a fascinating and intriguing collection of art, stories, poetries, magick spells and insights of the horned one! Capra hircus, bucks, billies, hircine, caprine, sabbatic goat, Pan, Satyr, etc. and anything related.


Featuring: Alexandros Fornea, Anatoly Horth, Andrej Bartulović, Blacksshark, Caelan Stokkermans, Claudiu Doncutiu, Cody Drasser, Dan Wilhelm, David Berbel, David Klein, Diogo Soares, Dirty Eyez, Django Nokes, GodLikeIkons - Alexey Sivitsky, Grant Nicholl, Heidi Taillefer, Hermann Butter, Jeff Christensen, Jodie Day, Josh Mosh, Kevin Wells, Maéna Paillet, Maya Kurhuli, Michael Cowell, Michal Bedkowski, Mike Menasco, Mister Sam Shearon, Morgan Robles, Nate Hillyer, Niklas Sundin, Nimleth, Nino Cammarata, Roberto Toderico, Simon Bossert, STRXart, Throne Illustrations - George Liam Flett, Timo Wuerz, Toni Moore, Truly Lost, Will Rudd, Iconikah and more to be announced.


Cover art by Timo Wuerz


15 x 21 cm (6 x 8 inch)

170gm uncoated paper

180 pages

Horned, The Metalhead book of Goats / Heavy Music Artwork

€ 40,00Price
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