The handmade Goddess pendant as a beautiful necklace made from recycled sterling silver and it has even been added a small round sapphire.


Note: there can be 2-3 weeks for production of this jewelry!


This snake/moon/venus symbol is handcasted by Uppsala Fingjuteri (after a model made by Osa Ozdoba) in recycled sterling silver. And added a slender, dark silver chain.


Both the snake and the moon are associated with immortality and the ability to change. While venus symbolizes love, passion, and balance.A true match for your inner witch.


Expect 1 week for the manufacture of the jewelry in addition to shipping time.


Pendant: 3,5cm

Width: 2,5cm

Length of chain: 42cm


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Goddess Silver Necklace With Sapphire / Osa Ozdoba

€ 100,00Price