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Various cultures have myths about monstrous horses: Helhesten from Norse Mythology was among Mariám Zakarians inspirations for this wonderful piece: the three-legged horse associated with Hel, the goddess of the underworld. A symbol of death and illness.


This artwork is part of the serie UNATUR. Which is dark artworks inspired by mythical creatures and the forces of nature. An open-ended art project by Mariám Zakarian.


Mariám Zakarian is a Danish-Armenian visual artist from Copenhagen. Self-taught and works with classical visual art, as well as new media and video. Zakarian created and exhibited Denmark's first virtual reality art installation, but her first art tools were black pencils. She often draws compositions of plants, animals and human bodies fusing and weaving in and out of each other, frequently finding inspiration in Gothic literature, art nouveau, classic marble sculptures, surrealism and artists like Gustave Doré and Francisco Goya.


Museum-quality giclee print from a pencil drawing, open edition. Printed area: 30x40cm

Paper: Hahnemühle Studio Enhanced, 210g 


Care instructions: The giclée print should last for up to 100 years without fading if properly cared for. To extend the life of the artwork, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or humid areas. To clean, dust with lint-free cloth, or vacuum lightly. When framed, avoid spraying the frame and glass with cleaning products.

Ghosthorse / Mariám Zakarian

€ 127,00Price
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