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ELG Vermouth is a Danish Vermouth from Fredensborg in North Zealand, produced by Elg Spirits, and it is the result of a collaboration between Kellerris Vingaard and Stone Grange.


The new Danish vermouth is based on raw materials from North Zealand. The wine is from Kelleris Winery. The wormwood distillate is from Stone Grange and made from wormwood from the distillery's own herb garden. In addition to wormwood, ELG Vermouth is seasoned with gentian, hops, orange, star anise and angelica. Kelleris Winery, established in 2001, is known for its quality wines, including both sparkling wine and fortified wine. The vineyard's lands are planted with more than 4,000 plants and have a modern winery.


Stone Grange, established in 2001, is known for its award-winning spirits sold under the brand ELG. Year after year, ELG spirits have won medals at international competitions. The distillery was established in 2009 and produces a wide variety of different spirit types; mainly gin, but also Absinthe and Brandy and Marc based on grapes from Stone Grange vineyards, which were planted in 2001.


Alc. 18% / 70 cl.

ELG Vermouth /ELG Spirits

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