An interpretation of the classic formulation of a Queen of Hungary spirit water with notes of rosemary, rose, violet leaf, orange flower, clove and thyme.


Originating in 1370, this fluid is considered to be the oldest alcohol-based perfume and the inspiration for the famous Florida Water. According to the legend, this seemingly magical water enabled the Queen of Hungary, aged 70 years, to rejuvenate herself, seduce, and marry the King of Poland.


This eau de cologne is lighter than an eau de parfum and can be used as a perfume to scent self and home. It may also be used in the bath, to anoint objects, or in ritual. The combination of herbs and oils can be used to set intentions regarding love, longevity, protection, and prosperity or use as an aromatherapy spray for stimulation-bringing physical and mental energy.


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Presented in a 100ml black amethyst bottle with a spray nozzle.


Ingredients: pure alcohol infused with fresh rosemary and violet leaf, rosemary and rose hydrosols, plant extracts, flower essences, and an essential oil blend.


Natural / Botanical

Eau de la Reine - Eau de Cologne / rosemary, rose, lavender, thyme

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