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Conditioner "Åkermynta", 500ml.

An environmentally conscious balm that does not contain silicones or other persistent substances. Contains sunflower oil, vitamin B, witch hazel. Sunflower oil is moisturizing and nourishing. Witch hazel soothing and softening. Vitamin B helps hair to stay strong, healthy and shiny. It also stimulates the growth of hair.


Top: Spearmint eucalyptus tea tree
Heart: Lime clove freesia
Base: Wintergreen apple geranium


Ingredients description 
Eucalyptus: Invigorating, refreshing, stimulating and strengthens mental activity
Lime: Soothing, invigorating, concentration-enhancing and stimulant
Geranium: Calms the agitation, anxiety, restlessness and mood swings

Organic conditioner / Vakinme

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