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Phantom Spirits have made this amazing white vermouth in collab with Danish Æblerov and Herbal Salvation.


Fragrance: Oxidative pears, ripe, green apples, resin, citrus fruit peel, spicy, dry wood


Taste: Sweet, ripe fruits in the front, herbs, bitter citrus fruit peel, persistent acidic and dry, wood-embossed, and herbal imprint


Mixen from Phantom Spirits: "Together with Morten from Æblerov and Ria from Herbal Salvation, on two of the most powerful and magical days of the year, the summer solstice and the full moon of June (also called strawberry moon), I have collected wild plants and herbs for this year's Summer Solstice Vermouth.

We have wandered around densely populated forests north of Copenhagen and along the roaring Zealand's Odde, we have been preying on organic apple growers' shrubs and greenhouses and been allowed to set us loose in Ria's secret herb garden. We have selected over 20 interesting tasters, including rosehip, sandurt, sorrel, spruce shoots, lemon verbena, grey barley, bay leaves, sage, rölvalike, and the favorite olive herb, which we made extracts from and then blended with amazing 2017 vintages of organic Chardonnay from Tre Monti in Italy."


17% alc / 50 cl

Candidus Summer Vermouth / Phantom Spirits

€ 27,00Price
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