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This absolutely fantastic Christmas calendar is the perfect gift for your loved one, mother, mother in law or dog!!

It offers 23 unpleasent surprises in form of black misfortune cookies and 1 special unpleasent surprise for Christmas Eve. 

So what are you waiting for, buy now!! It's never too early to ruin Christmas!!


Stop the sloppy sentimentality - it's time for payback!


You love the story of how the Grinch stole Christmas? Then this black chic-shock Anti Advent Calendar is that thing for you! Chock-full with 24 Pechkeks - Misfortune Cookies you'll get a humorous left hook every day. Door by door a prophecy in a black cookie, individually wrapped in design-foil with one out of four gruesome characters. A delicate cabinet of finest black humor: from best imprecations through virtuos insults to grim prospects.


This calendar offers everything you wish for a ruined pre-Christmas season. Do you dare? Then look forward because lots of fun, stunned faces and loudest laughter are guaranteed! For you, your grim buddies and your hunchbacked relations. Darker than every headlock, more stylish as every wall tattoo!


Size: 53,5cm x 4cm x 40cm

Anti Christmas Calendar

€ 34,00 Regular Price
€ 17,00Sale Price
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