A fierce collection of horror stories - however... written in Danish...


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"A total of ten stories drawn and told by a mix of new and familiar names. All the stories belong to the horror genre, but drawing styles and topics are quite different. Some may think that it makes the booklet inhomogeneous, and of course that may be true. But the diversity of the stories shows the difference of the genre, while also, the booklet presents various upcoming Danish cartoonists, and I think that's great." – Gyseren.dk


Cover by Anders Fjølvar



Two friends find an ancient temple in the jungle, but that's not the only thing they'll find.

MAGGOT HEAD - Peder Riis

A peaceful zombie just wants to enjoy the silence.


A nun's convent enjoys demonic activities.

MORDERMANDEN - Bjarke Friis Kristensen

A murderous sadist is on a headless mission.

RAVNES LØFTE - Bjarke Johansen

A poor boy crashes on his bike. Unfortunately, the Raven keeps his promise.

FANGST - Max Wilmer

A starving man on a raft catches a fish. However, he may be on the menu.

ØNSKET - Matias Gedtek

A group of friends dream a shared dream that ends in a nightmare.

GULDGRISEN - Arni Beck Gunnarsson og Bjørk Matias Friis

Two stupid vegans will unleash some pigs, so they don't get slaughtered, poor stupid vegans.

TUREN - Nicolai Hvidberg Jørgensen

Debbie Harry møder Ted Bundy.

RØDDER - Lauge Eilsøe-Madsen

A small fishing village discovers some weird balls in the water. Unfortunately, the fishermen are investigating them.


88 pages in black/white

Absurd 3 / Afkom

€ 14,00Price